Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lousy Credit? - You May Still get a Mortgage

Just because you have had credit problems in the past doesn't necessarily mean that you are doomed to a life of dealing with landlords. Poor credit can be a result of people simply not paying their bills, or more uncontrollable circumstances such as illness. While lower FICOs (credit scores) do signify a higher credit risk, they do not mean future credit problems are certain. Because of that, there are possibilities for people with a low FICO to obtain a mortgage.

In lending there are terms that refer to the creditworthiness of a borrower. "Prime" is a term that indicates high credit scores, and solid financial footing. "Subprime" is a term that basically means "less than 'prime'." The term "subprime" has no relationship to the PRIME rate; this is commonly misunderstood.

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Payday Loans for Military Members Can Be a Financial Life Saver

Why would anyone ever use a payday loan? People unfamiliar with this lending option often wonder what the use of such a tool could be. For people with bad credit, however, payday loans offer the solution to short term cash flow problems. At times when you need money quickly but aren't getting paid for another week or so, payday loans can help you fill in those gaps. For members of the military, these loans provide a quick answer on a fixed budget from anywhere in the world.

Fast Money, Serious Considerations

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How Personal Loans With No Credit Checks Can Be Secured

Bad credit is seen as something of a hindrance when applying for loans, so the idea of getting personal loans with no credit checks can be confusing. This is arguably because of the perceived level of risk that a low credit score suggests, but because it is not the debilitating factor people think, less significance can be applied to it.

Approval always comes down to meeting the minimum criteria, but while it is true that this usually involves a credit check, there are certain circumstances where some lenders are willing to forego that right. And while guaranteed loan approval is still not assured, the removal of the bad credit hurdle helps to a degree.

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How to Purchase a Home With Bad Credit

How to buy a bad credit home can be a daunting task indeed, but rest assured that it can, in fact, be done. The trick is to make sure that you spend a lot of time doing the right research and applying to the right places.

These days, your only source of home financing if you have bad credit will be bad credit lenders online. Trying to get a traditional home loan from a bank or credit union is pretty much impossible because of the economic housing market.

If you look online though, these poor credit lenders are more than willing to give you a home loan - for a cost. You are going to have to pay a much higher interest rate for this type of poor credit loan, however.

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Save Money With A Low Interest Unsecured Small Personal Loan

Do you understand the concept behind a low interest unsecured small personal loan? First of all, do not confuse this type of loan with one of those payday or cash advance loans that often charge extraordinarily high interest rates. These loans require no collateral or security property, they are usually for amounts under $10,000, and they have interest rates that are far better than offered by most credit cards.

These loans are not for everybody.

Folks with poor credit histories are not going to find a low interest unsecured small personal loan easy to come by. With poor or no credit, lenders will want some sort of collateral to be able to offer the low interest rates for which these loans are known. If you have been wise enough and lucky enough to retain a good credit history, these loans can be convenient, helpful, and cost far less than a similar credit card transaction.

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Logbook Loans Review

Some people are refused a payday loan because they are self-employed or unemployed or because their monthly out-goings are higher than their income - or sometimes because the minimum net salary requirement is not met.

Others may have bad credit such as CCJ's, Defaults, be in arrears with loan repayments even though their net income is acceptable. Payday lenders that carry out credit checks can see your credit status when they get your credit file.

So if you fall into one of these categories what can you do, what are the alternatives to payday loans?

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Surfing the Net and Credit Card Debt

Don't think there's a link between how much you surf the 'net and your creeping credit card debt? How many movies do you rent or buy on the 'net each month?

Don't think there's a link between how impossible it seems to get your credit card paid off, and keeping your charge card number on file, oh-so-conveniently, at your favorite online store (stores)?

Don't think there's a link between keeping all your credit card information in an easy-to-access file on your desktop so you don't even have to get up to pull it out of your wallet when you buy online?

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